Glen Periodontics and Implant Dentistry

Dr. Vlad Reznikov

"When I started to think about moving our practice, I knew that I wanted our dental office to look great. After all, I wanted the look of the office and the feeling it gave to our patients to match the level of care that they would receive. Thanks to you guys, I have an office that I am extremely proud of. I told you that this office was the fourth I’ve built over the years. You can imagine that I have some experience in dealing with different crews and starting the project I expected the “hard times” ahead. I was very surprised that I did not hear constant calls from you and could continue to work as before without getting involved into the construction. 

Actually the first time I stopped by in the office was about a month and a half after you started the project. Despite that everything was done on time starting with the permits and ending with finishes. I still get compliments from the patients and the doctors that come to visit. You guys have a vision of visualizing the finished product from the open space and you have the resources to bring your visions to life. Most importantly you do it with such an ease and smile on your faces that really made my experience a great one. I will recommend you to all my friends and colleagues and will be glad to give the best references to your future clients. Thank you John!"


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