Fox Valley Dental Care

Dr. Bob Dokhanchi

"In August of 2015, after purchasing two condos on the West side of Aurora, I began my search for a contractor to build my units into a dental practice. I started by asking my Henry Schein representative and a few dentists in Aurora. The name that was common in all their recommendations was John Naser. I chose 4 companies and met with them to get a quote on the build out.

I chose John's company for a few reasons. John had a plan from the start to finish for me and the fees were all inclusive. His plan was simple and clear. He allowed me to make some changes but made sure my choices weren't the wrong ones for the vision I had explained to him in the beginning. If something came up that wasn't in the initial contract, they were quite helpful and cooperative.

They took care of everything from the start to finish and then some. Design, build and decorate. I wanted to pick some colors and art work but they assured me that they knew what they were doing and they did. All my patients compliment us on everything. Two years after the Grand Opening, they came in for a touch up paint and a few minor things at no charge to me. 

Their service is great and their prices are fair. I would recommend them to everyone."


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